Germán Yañez

German Yañez Mendoza, is one of the pioneers teaching and exploring underwater caves and dry caves on the Yucatan Peninsula and particulary in the island of Cozumel.

During his 20 years teaching and exploring in underground environments, has been member and leader of different teams, during the discovery of cave systems sucha as: Taj Mahal, Ponderosa, Aktun Ko, Aktun Chen (dry cave), Aerolito de Paraiso, La Quebrada (Chankanaab), Cocodrilo, just to name the important ones.

Has been dedicated part of his life diving caves and descending in dry caves around the globe, from Florida (USA) to Cuba and Europe, but always with one thing in mind: Conservation, exploration and enjoyment of such fragile environment.

At this moment German is an active instructor trainer for: Cave Diving, Mix Gas Diving and Closed Circuit Rebreathers.

He has train more than 200 students in cavern, cave and mix gas diving at all levels, from nitrox divers to cave and trimix instructors.

Teaching technical diving require not just teaching methodology, also require expirience in the environment you are teaching. this is the advantege  to be train by a pioneer and explorer.

After more than 2000 dives in caves and deep water in different hostil environments, he has (0) accidents, this says a lot.

Today German Yañez is the Chairman of the Mexican Federation of Cave Diving (FMAS/CMAS) also instructor for:

a) National Association for Cave Divers (NACD), Cave Instructor # I-95, since 1995

b) Technical Diving International (TDI), Instructor Trainer # 712 IT, active since 1996.

c) Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques (CMAS) Underwater Speleology Instructor level III, # 05 since 1987.

d) Federacion Mexicana de Actividades Subacuaticas (FMAS) Cave and Mix Gas Instructor #01, since 1986.

e) National Speleological Society member: Dry Caver.

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